Benefits of Singing



     Struggling with breathlessness? Want to improve your breathing? Singing is a great way to give your lungs a gentle workout and improve your breathing in a social and enjoyable way.

     Singing is a fun and social activity that also has many health benefits. Through singing you learn how to breathe slowly and deeply and control your breathing. This improves your posture for better breathing and lessens the panic and anxiety felt by shortness of breath.

     Lung conditions, such as COPD, cause the airways to be narrowed or blocked meaning air can get trapped in the lungs. It is said that singing long phrases can help in emptying the lungs and making breathing more comfortable because it reduces the use of muscles in the neck and shoulders.

     Singing has other benefits as well. When we sing our body releases endorphins which are “feel-good” hormones so reduce stress and improve your mood. By learning new skills through singing and recalling existing ones, singing stimulates thought and memory and increases concentration.

     There are other benefits of singing. singing allows you to learn new skills, recall the existing ones, stimulating the memory and increasing concentration. Being a member of a singing group also reduces feelings of isolation by meeting new people and socialising.

     There are so many physical and emotional benefits of singing and it is a fun activity as well. So why not join us in singing to improve our health!



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